How can Stundenplan Deluxe be improved?

Import data from csv/xls(x)

Please, add an opportunity to import data from the csv/xls(x) files.
I see here two ways: the hard one (programming side) and another easier.
So, the first way it's creating a control, which allows users to create their own patterns for import documents. It can be regular expressions, for example. But will it be useful for every customer?..
The second one it's creating a static pattern for documents.
In the last way users will be able to fill their documents through the rules of app before import and then insert it in application in two clicks.
Hope that idea is good and will be voited, coz I really want to fill my timetable in several mouse clicks.

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  • Pavel Savushkin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi, Tobias.
    Sorry for my long response: I've not got a notification about your answer or, maybe, just lost it.
    Anyway, it would be really great to have some import tool. (maybe json / xml instead of csv/xls?)
    About web-based part of the application: feel free to contact me for developing that tool.


  • Павел Савушкин commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi, Tobias. Thanks for reply and sorry for my delay.
    Hope u will have time to do that feature.

    About programming: yes, I have experience, but it is a web development (php, js, html etc - well, like a full stack). In c# I have not enough experience to work with some production projects. Java is not my way, for now.
    So, in that case I cannot help with program, as I understand :(
    But if I can, please contact me.


  • AdminTobias Schürg (Software Engineer, Schedule Deluxe) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    it's planned to provide a web interface (at some point in the futue) to that you can enter your schedule via mouse and keyboard. Sadly, this app is just a side project and my time is very limnited...

    You are talking about regexes, so do you have any programming experience and might want to help with that?


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