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First I love your app. I use it for several years and so I have paid version since that time.
However I have some feedback to let you know.
I am a mom and I have several children. When I create my account, I can only put one school while they are not the same age and do not go to the same school. It might be interesting to have several schools when we have several children. Moreover, even a professor can teach in different institutions.
My daughter was in college and just passed to high school. If I change the school in my account, the change is taken into account for the holidays but it is the name of the college that remains noted and I can not modify it even if I say that I change school.
What I'm interested in is the Widget that I put on a page. It is very useful but I think it might be interesting to propose to us either to put the names of the matters in color (as today) or to put a background of color according to the matters.
Finally, I think I will have walked around all that I am concerned, would not it possible on the widget to put a small arrow in order to move us from day to day to eventually go to see the schedule on a given date (in the case of an rendez-vous). It can be done by the application but it would be faster by the widget too.
Again thanks for your work and sorry for my English, I used a translator since I am French.

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  • AdminTobias Schürg (Software Engineer, Schedule Deluxe) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hello Corinna, thank you for your feedback!

    The app is intended for a single user use, where you are just on one school and just get a new schedule every now and then.

    However, I see your point! I already planned a "parents version" where you can do the things you suggest, such as creating different users and have a separate setting for each of them. I sadly don't have too much time to proceed with this quickly...


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